Due to the latest information on the spread of Covid-19 infections in Iceland, our office at Háskólatorg will be closed from Wednesday October 7th. We will do our best to resolve your issues promptly and securely via email or phone, and reopen as soon as possible.

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Félagsstofnun stúdenta fs@fs.is
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Student services

Icelandic Student Services is a non profit organization with independent finances. It was founded by law in 1968 and began operating the 1st of June the same year. Members are all registered students at the University of Iceland.

There are five representative on the board. Three nominated by the University Student Council, one by the University of Iceland and one by the Ministry of Education.

The organizations main goal is to increase students quality of life by providing high quality services at a low price, adjusted to students needs. It’s current operations are: the University Bookstore, the Bookstore Café, Student pre-schools, Student Housing, the Student Cellar, and Háma food service.

The main office is situated on the 3rd floor at the University Centre. It is open weekdays between 9 – 16. Telephone: 5-700-700, fax 5-700-709. E-mail fs@fs.is

The main office is situated on the 3rd floor at Háskólatorg.
It is open weekdays between 9 – 16.
Telephone: 5 700 700
Fax: 5 700 709
E-mail: fs@fs.is

About FS

FS´s main goal is to offer students at the University of Iceland quality services at good rates and to secure funding for the foundation.

The University Bookstore offers text books and other study materials.

The Student Pre-schools offer care facilities and an quality curriculum, HighScope.

Student Housing offer students at the University of Iceland low-rent rooms and apartments, suitable and well located housing for individuals or families.

Háma can be found at Háskólatorg, Háskólabíó, Tæknigarður, Þjóðarbókhlaðan, Oddi, Askja, Læknagarður, Eirberg and in Stakkahlíð. Háma offers fresh, healthy and affordable choices in sandwices, salats, hot meals for lunch and all kinds of healthy snacks made on the premises. Háma salad bar is located in Háskólatorg.

The Student Cellar is a café, restaurant and a bar serving students, staff and others. The Student Cellar also offers great facilities for concerts and other events.

The Bookstore Café is located in the University Bookstore. They offer quality coffee and sweets at a students price range.

The student co-up is also located in the University Bookstore. They offer all kind of useful and fun.

Contact us

You can contact us by either calling 570-0700, sending us an e-mail to fs@fs.is or fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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FS Staff

Main office FS


Guðrún Björnsdóttir



Ingunn Elín Sveinsdóttir

Human Resources


Ólöf Dröfn Matthíasdóttir



Rebekka Sigurðardóttir



Valdís Elísdóttir

Salary and Human Resources


Student Housing


Heiður Anna Helgadóttir

Service Representative


Sara Bragadóttir

Service Representative


Gunnar Ingvarsson

Property management, Project Manager


Magnús Orri Einarsson

Technical and Property Manager


The University Bookstore


Óttarr Proppé

Store Manager


Hannah Jensson



Jón Sigurður Friðriksson

Purchasing of Books


Ólafur Björn Tómasson



Reinharð Reinharðsson

Purchasing of Books


Valgerður Ploder Jónsdóttir



Food and catering: Háma and the Student Cellar.

hama@fs.is, studentakjallarinn@fs.is

Þórður Már Gylfason

Head Chef


Rebekka Sigurðardóttir

Communication and Marketing


Agnes Huld Ragnarsdóttir



Hafdís Ólafsdóttir



Student Preschool

Sigríður Stephensen

Preschool Administrator Sólgarður and Leikgarður


Soffía Emelía Bragadóttir

Preschool Administrator Mánagarður


Grants to Student Associations

FS supports the student council and student associations with publication grants and more. Fill out the form below to apply.

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Job Application

Available jobs are advertised on the job search portal Alfreð, other job agencies or in newspapers. To hand in a general application or inquire about jobs contact Ingunn Elín Sveinsdóttir, human resources, ingunn@fs.is.

The University Centre

The heart of the university

Háskólatorg is located in the center of campus, in between the Main building and they University gymnasium. You can also access the building from Suðurgata and from within the nearest buildings. Háskólatorg is the place where students and faculty members gather, to meet for coffee, grab a quick bite, have lunch or just hang out.

In Háskólatorg you can find most of the Student Services and University service units; a service desks, reading rooms, classrooms and lecture halls. A stage is located at the center of the University Centre for all kinds of events and a reception hall for big or small occations.

The Student Service main office is located on the third floor. The University bookstore, the bookstore café, the student co-up and Háma are located on the second floor and the Student Cellar is located on the first floor.