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You can find application forms at the preschools websites.

Sólgarður Mánagarður

Student preschools

Icelandic Student Services runs two preschools, both are located in the Student Housing area on campus. Sólgarður is only for children of students at the University of Iceland, but at Mánagarður everyone can attend. At Sólgarður there are 115 places for six-month-old to two-year-old children, while at Mánagarður there are 127 places for one- to six-year-olds.

All Student preschools work according to the HighScope high-quality education policy. The HighScope policy frames all aspects of the preschool’s emphasis with the child’s interest and desires in mind. The role of the teacher is clear, we support the child, strengthen it’s interest and abilities and take an active part in the learning if each child. Further information can be found on the schools’ websites and at

Apply for Pre-school

You can find the preschool application at the preschools websites.

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